Looking back over the years.

Thursday 28th December. 2000.


Two swans are fighting for their lives today after being attacked by dogs on Worcester Race Course. A furious Jan Harrigan of Wychbold Swan Rescue, said five others had been mauled two death on Christmas Eve.
The police rang us to say that there were swans dead and dying in Pitchcroft. We got there to find two unleashed dogs amonst the swans attacking uncontrollably. One swan had obviously tried to escape as it was caught up in the railings where it died. The two surviving swans are being looked after at the Rescue Centre.

Thursday Tuesday 3rd July 2001


A family of distressed swans were rescued by firefighters when their pond became contaminated with oil thought to have been poured down a drain.
The parent swans and their five cygnets were completely covered with oil when a crew from Worcester Fire Station captured them in an inflatable boat.
Carl Horsburgh leading Firefighter with Worcester Blue Watch said "We got there at 1.45p.m, launched our boat and captured the swans. They were grateful to get out of the pond.
The RSPCA used it's ambulance to transport the swans from Wainwright Road to the Swan Rescue at Wychbold.
"It was so hot and the birds were so distressed that the ambulance took the first five birds, then the other two, said Jan Harrigan, co-ordinator and founder of the centre.
It will take them three months to recover. We have washed them down but they will need washing again.