We have to raise money to continue our work, our vet's and food bills can be quite staggering at times. To combine raising funds and an awareness of the work we do at Wychbold, Jan upon request and a small charge will come along to your club or venue and give an informative talk and show slides. If you interested and would like more details please contact Jan.
by Phone 07786434793 or e.mail info@wychboldswanrescue.co.uk or write to us.

Our Swan Rescue Calenders photographed and designed by Melissa Baker, one of our youngest volunteers have been a great success for the new year. Her photographs will give pleasure throughout the year. Well done Melissa.

This is Floyd our star fundraiser seen here at Evesham. Floyd goes fundraising with us wherever we go and as well as creating a few laughs he is extremely popular with the younger generation. Yes we know he's not a swan but please don't tell him he is a little sensitive, and lets face it could you get a swan to sit there with a bucket at his feet......................

"Win a Swan" Jill and Wal fundraising in Stratford on a............phew.............really hot day, a lot of people won one of our really lovely swans. Some were won by tourists so they will end up in Usa, Korea, Germany. A nice souvenier of Stratford and Wychbold Swan Rescue. Thanks go to Jill and Wal. who worked so hard for us.

If you would like to purchase one of our fund raising swans
they cost 10.00 inc. postage and packing. They are beautfully
made and really do help us to pay our Vet's and food bills.
Please send cheque or P.O. to Wychbold Swan Rescue
Walk mills Farm, Droitwich, Worcs. WR9 0DH
Please state whether you wish to have White or Black.

Fund Raising at Stratford was a little different for us today. A very talented lady named Rosemary Preece played beautiful music on her * Dulcimer. The music was soft and haunting and created a lot of interest with the passing crowds. We are happy to say that Rosemary has promised she will do this again for us very soon. We look forward to it and wish to say thank you very much Rosemary.
*Dulcimer - An ancient trapezoidal musical instrument with several courses of strings. It is played by striking the strings
with hammers.

A very special swan came in to Wychbold one Sunday in June. Fortunately he needed no treatment. This beautiful swan was created by Don Aston who spent considerable time ensuring that the swan was very lifelike, even down to the fine detail of his webbed feet. The swan was immediately called into action at a store in Evesham where his presence helped raise much needed money for our sick swans.

Jan delighted with the swan shown here with Don. Many thanks Don you've earned your "Wings"