Mute Swan - Cygnus Olar

The Mute swan is found throughout Gt.Britain.   Also in a few areas across Northern Europe, eastwards to Mongolia North America, S.Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Swans feed on grass, and underwater plants. Swans can be fed on mixed corn, lettuce, and if you wish to feed bread give only fresh as mouldy bread can make swans quite ill.   Ideally the food should be thrown into the water, as feeding them on land encourages the swans to leave the water which can bring them into danger from dogs, vehicles and vandals. The biggest threats to swans are preditory animals, botulism, pollution, vandalism, overhead cables, pylons, uncontrolled dogs   fishing tackle and lead poisoning..                                                                                                       HELP US TO HELP THEM Take home discarded fishing tackle - Do not allow your dogs to chase swans - take all litter home.     Observe the country code at all times.




This swan would have starved to death had  we not been alerted to his plight. The can was lodged around his lower beak and tongue, his suffering could so easily been avoided. Please dispose of your litter or  take it home.